Inside the fake science factory...

I just saw an interesting DEF CON session. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ras_VYgA77Q

Inside the fake science factory, it's about fake news ugly sibling. There are organisations that offer a "platform" for "scientists" to publish their "scientific papers" and hosting "scientific conferences" to gain credibility to the "reports" and "scientists".

See it, it might help you to discover if what you are looking at is published through at least a few of these fake science factories.

Try it, enter below search in your google search. Replace "your search object" with what you want to check up inside the quotes:

"your search object" site:omicsonline.org OR site:sciencedomain.org OR
site:omicsgrouponline.org OR site:waset.us OR
site:waset.org OR site:waet.org OR
site:academicjournals.org OR site:imed.pub OR
site:thescipub.com OR site:austinpublishinggroup.com OR
site:iosrjournals.org OR site:alliedacademies.com OR
site:conferenceseries.com OR
site:sciencepublishinggroup.com OR site:davidpublisher.org

N.B. just because you find "scientific stuff or people" with the search doesn't mean it is fake. It only means they probably made the effort publishing their "science stuff" with a "fake science factory" and that they paid money for it.


Are you missing the Database Diagrams from the new SQL Server Management Studio?

If you just installed the latest preview of SSMS 18.0 you might have realized that the Database Diagrams are gone. The feature is deprecated.

Download the preview here:

Scroll down to the SSMS 18.0 (Preview) and try it out, there is also improvements.

So, what to do? Remember there is a bunch of INFORMATION_SCHEMA-views you can use.
This is an example how you can do it, the example is not perfect but help you out a bit.

As Always, I do not take any responsibility for any code you might find on my blog. I write queries for fun and business. Small snippets might end up here.