It's a new year, 2016, and been for a while and SQL Nexus in Copenhagen

Last year, and currently, there are so much work and so little time. Am right now in Copenhagen for SQL nexus and current charging for my session Hi(gh) Availability. Slightly different format on the session than usual, and I'm going to promise to publish the demos as blog posts. That will force me to add stuff more frequently, which is good. And it will force me to plan my hours even more rigorous, which might give me my life back.

Anyways, it's a new year. And a few days ago I was told that the next version of SQL Server will be released on the 1st of June, and over the months after all goodies will be in place.

I can't wait for getting the golden RTM bits, it's going to be a super year.


PS: Please check back and comment and request!