Changes, moving on and a new start...

For two years ago I was thinking about starting to employ people in my Company, in the same time I got an offer from Another Company. They wanted me as a database architect, mentor and specialist. After some thoughts I decided to hook up on that offer, and I did put my own company on hold. After the summer vacatíon I started at the new Company. Close to a year later I got another offer that I decided to move over to. I started working on Claremont in the end of September last year. Now six months later I do another change, after rigorous talks with Sogeti and their office in Borlänge, 45 kilometers from my home, we found a role that would suite me and Sogeti and of April 1st 2014 I'll continue my journey. I'm really excited to work much closer to home, and to work in that team at Sogeti. I will pretty much do same stuff as before, SQL Server and Business Intelligence, as a architect, mentor, speaker and instructor. I will continue to be community oriented, the only difference compared to the last two years is 200 kilometers less travel to get to my office. For the last couple of weeks we've been discussing the closest future, and I can promise you it's looking bright. In my closest team we'll be focusing on my dearest technology and with that said please be tuned. Furthermore my travel and Conference schedule is getting filled up. * April is focused on the Clash of the Titans where I and Mikael Wedham is delivering a full day SQL Server event together with Informator. * May has TechEd, and the upcoming SQL Server Tour... * June starts in Croatia for the SQL TuneIn. * July carries the MCT Summit Europe in Romania. Until next time, have fun and tune those queries!

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