blog.mssqlserver.se revisited part 2 of {We'll see...}

As said, I was in Berlin at TechEd when I realized that I actually killed my blog. Well, my first thought was that I should restore the old one. My descision was instead to install a new version. After install I had it up and running, and started to write blogentries. All was fine and set. About a year later I decided to upgrade that server with more RAM, and fresh software. Started out doing all backups and such. I was feeling safe and did a fresh install of Windows Server 2008 R2. While at it I was thinking of changing everything. The story is that I use this server mainly for my virtual labs. And to host the blog. It's not my primary webhost, I have that stuff located in another location. With change management and all. Fully secured, and all by the book. This server instead is my playground. TMG sounded like a great idea, and it was here my problems started. TMG is a bit more than just ISA Server, or Proxy Server, that I know alot about. After first try, I understood that courses are great. Especially courses on the product you're about to work with. As the priviliged I am as a Microsoft Certified Trainer I went to Courseware Library and didn't find anything so I tried again...

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