blog.mssqlserver.se revisited part 2 of {We'll see...}

As said, I was in Berlin at TechEd when I realized that I actually killed my blog. Well, my first thought was that I should restore the old one. My descision was instead to install a new version. After install I had it up and running, and started to write blogentries. All was fine and set. About a year later I decided to upgrade that server with more RAM, and fresh software. Started out doing all backups and such. I was feeling safe and did a fresh install of Windows Server 2008 R2. While at it I was thinking of changing everything. The story is that I use this server mainly for my virtual labs. And to host the blog. It's not my primary webhost, I have that stuff located in another location. With change management and all. Fully secured, and all by the book. This server instead is my playground. TMG sounded like a great idea, and it was here my problems started. TMG is a bit more than just ISA Server, or Proxy Server, that I know alot about. After first try, I understood that courses are great. Especially courses on the product you're about to work with. As the priviliged I am as a Microsoft Certified Trainer I went to Courseware Library and didn't find anything so I tried again...


blog.mssqlserver.se revisited part 1 of {We'll see...}

It's been a while I had my blog up and running. This is a true story, names have been changed to protect the individuals.

It all started when I was at TechEd Europe in Berlin 2010. Before I left for Germany I started an update of my blog engine, let us just call it "my blog engine". This was running on a virtualizing platform of a brand I leave out, well it was in Beta 2.0 actually. I accidently forgot to add the license key for the platform when I was setting it up (upsetting perhaps?). To add for "the stew of misery" my hosting partner forgot mentioning a small upgrade that was about to happen. The rack(or racks actually) where my servers were secured was about to be well connected against the new and alot of nines more highly available external power supply. Well, the list actually continues a bit further and I guess you all get the picture.

Said and done. While I was working in my booth, as a representative for MCT Europe, I wanted to update the blog with an answer for a question I just got. I opened up IE on my laptop and entered the URL, http://blog.mssqlserver.se, and pressed return. A few seconds later I ended up in the Point Of No Return. No reply from my webserver?
To be continued... *smiles